11 Social Media Networks Every Cannabis Business or Consumer Should be Aware of in 2021

Are you in the cannabis business willing to get into the cannabis industry and build a long-lasting business or career?

Or, Are you looking to interact with people who love cannabis as much as you do, or are you looking to date a fellow cannabis lover like you?

If yes, then this is the right blog for you!

Here is the list of  12 social media networks that every cannabis business should be aware of in 2021.

So, let’s get started!

1. Grasscity Forum

The first website in our list of the best cannabis social network website is Grasscity Forum. It is one of the oldest cannabis business networks.

Grasscity forum is the platform that every cannabis  business needs to visit, it is a staple website to gain knowledge about all the aspects of the marijuana industry.

If you have a cannabis business or if you are a cannabis lover in general, then there is a lot of knowledge available on this platform.

You can get information on any topic related to the cannabis industry, in addition post your questions, and get answers from other people. It is an amazing platform for all cannabis entrepreneurs because it helps you build  connections within the cannabis industry. You can share information about your product and target your potential customers directly on the Grasscity Forum.

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The Platform started as a community where cannabis farmers could learn from each other and that’s why it has the best content and knowledge for people interested in cannabis farming. You can gain knowledge about the latest growing techniques, detailed guides, and much more about cannabis farming.

With the legalization and increasing popularity of cannabis, the forum has added new features that help provide valuable information to cannabis businesses. Right now, as more and more states are legalizing cannabis, there is a lot of information available about the legalization processes/consumption methods, and daily news feeds related to the cannabis industry.

Also, if you are looking to buy a cannabis product like CBD oil or Vape, make sure that you search the forum because people post real reviews there as well. It even has a dedicated section for dispensaries, where you can see other people’s experiences who bought a product from that dispensary.

All these things combined have made grass city forum one of the biggest cannabis social network sites across the internet.

2. Weedlife

Weedlife is a rapidly growing cannabis social network.

It covers almost every kind of information related to weed.

On the platform, you will find videos, new business ideas, CBD products, knowledge about weed farming, and much more.

Being a new cannabis business network, it suffers from some occasional glitches, but due to the vast knowledge, the users love this platform and even recommend and encourage other people to join the platform as well.

Weedlife is a great resource for cannabis business owners because the platform allows them to create their business page, post product updates, and interact directly with their potential customers.

As explained earlier, the platform is relatively new, and some bugs need to be fixed. But, still, this is one of the best platforms to interact and learn about the cannabis industry.

3. Weedable

Weedable is a social network for weed lovers. On the platform, you can interact with other fellow weed lovers and you can also follow your favorite cannabis brands, interact with them directly before making any purchase.

The platform is amazing in terms of usability, where you have to create your profile with a decent profile picture, provide basic information and start interacting.

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It is also suitable for doing business, and if you are a cannabis-based startup, you can directly post about your product or implement your marketing strategies on the platform.

As per recent news, the platform is also working towards developing its mobile app, which will allow users to interact, get push notifications and participate in social activities on the go.

4. Duby

If you are a cannabis consumer, then Duby has the potential to become your favorite cannabis social media platform. It can be described as a mix of Twitter, Tinder, and Instagram.

You can download this directly from the Google Play Store and the App Store.

If you are looking to date a cannabis smoker, then Duby can be the app you should put your hands on. You can create your profile, put it in your interests, and check the profiles of others as well. You can access content like stories, videos, etc. You can check someone’s profile, and decide whether you want to date them or not. To like someone’s profile, you have to click on put out. If you do not like someone, then you have to click pass.

It might sound similar to tinder, as I already told you. Overall, if you are looking to check a cannabis social media network for fun, then this is the right platform to join now!

5. Bud Hubz

Bud Hubz is the Foursquare of the cannabis industry. It is great for social networking like finding the best cannabis dispensaries, looking for headshops, cannabis businesses, etc.

Signing up on the platform is very easy, it’s a simple process. Once you have signed up, then you can get in touch with your friends to get recommendations on the dispensaries/cannabis shops that are the best.

Overall, it is an amazing social media platform and has the potential to become one of the biggest cannabis business networks in the future.

6. MJ Mary Jane

MJ Mary Jane is the Pinterest for cannabis business networking. It is great for getting access to some cannabis-related graphics, pictures, illustrations, etc.

The functionality is similar to that of Pinterest, where you can pin all the cannabis-related pictures and videos that you like. You can bookmark your favorite pins and follow other users.

It is one of the trending cannabis social media platforms, and available for both Google Play Store and the App Store.

7. 420 Singles

420 singles is a dating app for cannabis lovers who are interested in dating other cannabis lovers. So, this is also similar to tinder, where if you get a match with someone, then you can start interacting with them instantly.

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The app has a user base from around the world, and you can date someone from a different city, country, etc.

You have to swipe right/left based on whether you like someone or not. Also, if you are just looking to make friends with fellow cannabis lovers, and have fun, then you can do that as well.

Overall, it is a great dating app, and I can recommend this to people looking to date a fellow smoker and avoid the social stigma of non-smokers.

8. CannaSOS

CannaSOS is a cannabis-based social network, where you will find a lot of CBD product reviews and information about various extracts and cannabis strains.

You can get in touch with new people and get answers, and interact with them. It is one of the biggest cannabis business networks with more than 450,000+ active monthly visitors.

This large community consists of all professional cannabis product manufacturers, farmers, and sellers. It is useful for accessing some comprehensive information on the latest cannabis strains. Coming soon to the database, more than 1000 cannabis strain reviews on the platform. So, you can find all kinds of information here.

9. MJ Link

MJ link is a cannabis business network.

During its initial days, it attracted funding of about $1.7M from its investors.

MJ Link is an amazing platform for cannabis business owners to connect with other cannabis business owners. It is al platform for doing collaborations and partnerships with other cannabis business owners. It comes with all the features such as feeds, videos, and view cannabis products.

10. 420 Magazine Forum

The 420 Magazine forum is a network of cannabis business owners. It is a magazine website, and it is quite popular for viewing the latest cannabis news, trends, innovations, and products.

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The platform is quite popular, and there are thousands of professionals ready to answer all your questions.

There are active billboards of cannabis growth strategies and discussions. You will find all the latest cannabis-related news on this platform, such as legalization, laws, formalities for starting a cannabis business, etc.

Once you join this platform, then there are chances that it might become your favorite go to professional cannabis business network.

11. Leaf Wire

Leaf wire is one of the leading cannabis business networks for industry news, where cannabis business owners can interact with one other.

Many people also refer to it as the LinkedIn of marijuana. On the platform, you can access a lot of information regarding the cannabis business industry. It allows business owners to expand their business, and post information regarding their products and put up job requirements on the platforms.

On the other side, it is useful for people looking to change jobs in the cannabis industry. The platform is free to join and great for people looking to start their careers in the cannabis industry.