Top 6 Fastest Growing Cannabis Careers in 2020

There is no doubt the outlook for cannabis careers in 2020 is high. Can I make a career in the cannabis industry?…. One of the most common searched questions on the internet in the US. The simple answer to this question is yes!

According to an archview study, the cannabis industry will create 414,000 jobs in the united states by 2021. It is also quoted in the report that the marijuana industry will generate $ 40 billion in output.


Since more states are now legalizing the use of recreational and medical marijuana, it has helped this flourishing industry gain more popularity. There is no doubt the cannabis industry is on the rise. Look at colorado which has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country since legalizing marijuana.


As a result, many people are now looking to make their careers in the cannabis industry.


Now just like any other industry, you will find tiered positions such as staff accountants, sales representatives, managers in the cannabis industry.


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Here we have listed the fastest-growing cannabis careers in 2020. We have included job descriptions, salary, how to get the education and links to recent job searches. Your welcome.

Top 6 cannabis careers table:

  1. Bud Trimmer
  2. Bud Tender
  3. Extraction Technician
  4. Dispensary Manager
  5. Cannabis Chef
  6. Gardener

Bud Trimmer Cannabis Career


top 6 cannabis careers


A great entry-level job for someone who is looking to break into the cannabis industry.

Bud trimmers have the task to cut the marijuana plants by hand; the process removes all the excess foliage.

No Formal Education is required, being organized and proper cleanliness is necessary. (check: Detailed requirements for becoming a bud trimmer)

A bud trimmer gets paid as per the amount of cannabis product they trim, on average they get paid around $12 to $18 per hour.


Find available bud trimmer jobs.


Budtender Cannabis Career


budtender career 2020


Budtenders interact with the customers and work as the face of the dispensaries.

They are often labeled consultants because they guide the customer in getting what they want.

Proper Knowledge of cannabis products and rules regarding retail and medical marijuana is required. (Check the official budtender certification)

Budtenders should also be sociable and a great communicator since they interact with the customers.

A beginner can expect around $ 11- $12 an hour. Whereas, salaried budtenders can get around approx. $30,000 – $40,000 per year.


Find available budtender jobs.


Extraction Technician Cannabis Career


extraction cannabis career 2020


Extraction technicians process the marijuana plants to make hashish, oils and other concentrate from them.

This involves the application of scientific techniques and procedures, all this requires precision & proper implementation. (Check the cannabis extraction course).

A GED or High school diploma is necessary; some of the job posts may also require a bachelor’s degree in chemistry, biochemistry or related fields.

An experienced extraction technician can expect a six-figure salary, whereas beginners can expect between $20,000-$30,000 every year.


Find available extraction technician jobs.


Dispensary Manager Career


marijuana dispensary manager career 2020


The dispensary managers take care of all the daily operations of the cannabis retail store and ensure that the best quality and safest product is being sold to customers.

They are responsible for taking care of vendors, managing inventory and handling product returns.

A bachelor’s degree is preferred though someone with a high school diploma or GED can also apply.

Average Salary can be expected around $60,000 to $150,000 per year.


Find available dispensary manager jobs.


Cannabis Chef Career


cannabis chef career 2020


The cannabis Chef is responsible for creating cannabis-infused foods, or edibles such as gummy candies, baked cookies, and more.

Prior experience in cooking and baking is very helpful.

Proper knowledge of the product is a priority. As it involves creating edible items that have been under the limit of safe consumption. Remember, every cannabis extract dose is to be controlled and used properly.

Chefs are also required to keep themselves updated regarding the frequently changing state and municipal marijuana codes.

An average Chef’s salary can be expected at around $40,000 – $90,000 per year.


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Find available chef jobs.


Cannabis Gardener Career


cannabis gardener career 2020


Cannabis gardeners are responsible to oversee the growth and proper cultivation of marijuana plants.

Every gardener has to keep a check on the nutrient and humidity levels.

Mostly, these employees work under a master grower that manages the everyday operations and trains the entire crew. (check the master grower certificate.)

A horticulture or physical science degree is preferred. All the gardeners should be well aware of cannabis growing methodologies such as irrigation, fertilizer, and lights.

Assistant growers make around $15-$16 per hour. Whereas, a master grower can demand a salary up to $ 100,000 per year and sometimes a small percentage of the profit gained from the total produce.


Find available gardener jobs.

top 6 cannabis careers 2020