How Marijuana Affects SLEEP & DREAMS

Today we discuss the effectiveness of Cannabis as an insomnia tool and how it interacts with your sleep & dreams. All links in this description! Generally, Indica-dominant strains are a great sleep aid.. However, we also discuss the flip side: which is that when you interfere with natural sleep there’s negative consequences….and there is no true replacement for natural sleep. Cannabis artificially raises melatonin levels and cuts out your REM sleep stage. As a side-effect you end up dreaming much less or not at all and wake up feeling less rested than you should. Thus, despite being a great tool against chronic insomnia….the average user shouldn’t create a situation where he gets used to smoking up to help themselves sleep. It is important to understand that both the brain and Cannabis are incredibly complex chemically, and while what I said in this video applies to the majority, some people just won’t be able to relate because they don’t get the same symptoms.

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